mOtHeRfUcKeRs HoNkInG trolls,,trolls everywhere

  1. ask-the-pbandj-boys:

    no. not the grubs. nuh uh.

    Reblogging because I can~


  2. not so angry karkat for once~


  3. dying days and dying nights

    whoops. this happened~~ bluuh


  4. Okay, since I enjoy this a lot and people seem to be a little overdone with these palette thingies, I decided to be such a butt and add more. Sorry if these palettes lack a bit of…finesse? I came up with them…merp~

    Send requests! The weekend is here and I’m inspired!


  5. awwww heck yes. there’s not enough bad ass tavros on this planet~


  6. always open for new faces on this blog ;D

    also this colours almost killed me, holy shit….


  7. there we goooooo :DD

    he looks like some fucking god or something…welp~


  8. And here’s the first one, without request, just done out of pure fucking joy. This blog needs more Kurloz….


  9. It’s lame, everybody is doing is so…why not join in right away?

    I’m open for some requests~

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  10. ask-the-pbandj-boys:

    Looking at my own reflection
    When suddenly it changes
    Violently it changes
    There is no turning back now
    You’ve woken up the demon in me

    HoNk HoNk

    let’s bring that old thing back, shall we~