mOtHeRfUcKeRs HoNkInG trolls,,trolls everywhere

  1. I know you guys must hate it by now but….have some more humanstuck! babes~

    Please click for full view!


  2. ask-the-pbandj-boys:

    no. not the grubs. nuh uh.

    people were sad about this.

    so. UPDATE.



  3. no. not the grubs. nuh uh.


  4. Hey sweeties!!!

    I’m alive and want to wish all of you a Happy 4 / 13

    I just found this and thought I’m not going to keep it from you.

    Spread it, guys. This is amazing news and I’m completely overwhelmed!



  5. hermesnitram:

    Excerpt of drawing collaboration (much longer and more complicated than this) that kinda out of nowhere became KurMit/Mitloz exhibitionistic porn.

    (one of many reasons why you should think twice before you ask me to draw with you)

    Kurloz & Tuna’s groupies > Me

    Mituna > ThatUndeadMotherfucker

    P.S. It was done on the most shitty of boards but things like OpenCanvas don’t work for me, so we were reduced to it.

    Some funny colla thingy with my friend Hermes~

    We used FlockDraw, so….it’s shitty as hell. But I love it anyways. More art to come. Heheh.

    Also. PalePorn. Yes plz.


  6. Taste it on the turning page
    A vision of our burning hands held to the sun
    Free now from the shadow of one
    Faces of the broken stare
    Unmoving as they meet the end
    We will not run
    Free now from the shadow of one

    Burning Man - Dead Letter Circus

    Feel like shit? Draw Tavros and his sick fires…

    Inspired by a Superhero Rp~


  7. Oh god! Guys! Stop it please, I’m gonna fucking die over here.

    @anon - Ggghhh. I’m happy that you liked the CronKri thing. Maybe there will be more like it in the future. And you can hug me, of course you can~

    @electricmarine - I’ll keep it in mind. Twice ;o) <3 thank you so much!

    You guys make me happy…


  8. That’s magic in a cheetah print coat
    Just a slip underneath it I hope
    Asking if I can have one of those
    Organic cigarettes that she smokes
    Wraps her lips round the Mexican coke
    Makes you wish that you were the bottle
    Takes a sip of your soul and it sounds like…

    - Arabella, Arctic Monkeys


    I was so inspired by this damn song, I couldn’t resist

    So. Have some CronKri~


  9. Anonymous asked: I have a question... A little while ago you posted a post, that game. I'm confusing myself. But anyways... I was wondering if you had a link to the game because... I was interested in it.... Sorry, bye. (Sorry for disturbing you!) O///O

    First of all: You’re noooot disturbing me, oh my!

    But I think I have to disappoint you. I don’t really know what post you mean D: basically all the things I post are my original art. So either I’m missing something out (as always xD) or there was a misunderstanding. Maybe you can tell me WHICH post you mean?

    Sorry sweetie!


  10. Happy late Valentine’s Day~

    A little request from ma friend Hermes ;o)